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The Farthest Shore Coming Fall 2020

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Proving to be a force to be reckoned with, AfterTime boldly emerges onto the Symphonic Metal scene.

     Described as “The Future of Symphonic Metal”, they have adopted a similar playing style as their European counterparts. With an emphasis on storytelling, AfterTime incorporates cinematic orchestra and memorable melodies to produce a class of metal that appeals to a diverse audience.

     AfterTime was formed in the last days of 2011 and has released two studio works. Their debut album “The Fall of Light” was released in April of 2016. Their second work, the single “World We’ve Lost” was released in January 2017. This 4-track showcase features intricate orchestrations, powerful vocals, and evocative lyrics.  The band has received genuine praise for their music, and sales have reached as far as The United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil and Australia. AfterTime has had the opportunity to work with notable industry figures such as Lukas Knoebl, Jacob Hansen and Gogo Melone.

     In the realm of live shows, AfterTime has shared the stage with Symphonic Metal titans Epica, Delain, and Sirenia, as well as other popular metal bands like Hammerfall, Arkona, Mushroomhead, Ministry, and September Mourning. AfterTime takes their live performances to a highly professional level with multiple smoke geysers, fog machines, and a fully programmed light show. In early 2019, AfterTime launched their three-week “Masquerade of Souls” tour through the Western US with fellow Symphonic Metal band, Seven Spires.

     With the goal of being an American delegate for a predominantly European genre, AfterTime looks forward to the opportunities that allow them to represent the Symphonic/Cinematic Metal genre.

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